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Displaying bps

parent 3c534489
......@@ -583,8 +583,8 @@ int index_size(void *index, ulong *size) {
*size += nbytes;
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of int index: %zu bytes (%.2f%% compression)\n",
*size, 100*(*size)*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->nodes)*wcsa->n));
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of int index: %zu bytes, %.3f bps (%.2f%% compression)\n",
*size, ((*size)*8)/(float)(wcsa->n), 100*(*size)*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->nodes)*wcsa->n));
if (wcsa->linesIndex) {
size_t timesBytes = wcsa->nodes * sizeof(Sequence*);
......@@ -593,15 +593,15 @@ int index_size(void *index, ulong *size) {
timesBytes += wm->getSize();
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of lines index: %zu bytes (%.2f%% compression)\n",
timesBytes, 100*timesBytes*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->lines->size())*wcsa->n));
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of lines index: %zu bytes, %.3f bps (%.2f%% compression)\n",
timesBytes, (timesBytes*8)/(float)(wcsa->n), 100*timesBytes*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->lines->size())*wcsa->n));
*size += timesBytes;
if (wcsa->myTimesIndex) {
size_t timesBytes = ((Sequence *) wcsa->myTimesIndex)->getSize();
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of times index: %zu bytes (%.2f%% compression)\n",
timesBytes, 100*timesBytes*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->maxtime)*wcsa->n));
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of times index: %zu bytes, %.3f bps (%.2f%% compression)\n",
timesBytes, (timesBytes*8)/(float)(wcsa->n), 100*timesBytes*8/(float)(bits(wcsa->maxtime)*wcsa->n));
*size += timesBytes;
......@@ -641,8 +641,15 @@ int index_size(void *index, ulong *size) {
if (wcsa->initialTimes) {
size_t n_entries = 0;
for (const auto &vec : *wcsa->initialTimes) {
n_entries += vec.size();
commonBytes = wcsa->cInitialTimes->getSize();
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of initialTimes: %zu bytes", commonBytes);
fprintf(stderr,"\nSize of initialTimes: %zu bytes, %.3f bps (%.2f%% compression)\n", commonBytes,
(commonBytes*8)/(float)n_entries, (100*commonBytes*8)/(float)(n_entries*32));
*size += commonBytes;
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